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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long before can I book a Taxi or Minivan transfer?

    Transfer bookings will only be accepted online via our booking form at least 12 hours prior to your pickup time!.

  • What type of Transfer should I select? Can I book Arrival & Departure Transfer with a different return pickup location?

    Arrival & Departure Transfer: Select this transfer type to book an Arrival & Departure transfer. Check the "Return from a different location" box if your departure pickup location is different than your arrival location. The price is reduced if you book an Arrival and Departure transfer.
    Arrival Transfer: Select this transfer type if you wish to book only an Arrival Transfer.
    Departure Transfer: Select this type of transfer if you would like to book a transfer only for your Departure.

  • Can I book a transfer and pay online?

    You can pay online with your credit/debit card or Apple Pay, Google Pay, link, Klarna and more payment methods depending on your country via the secure checkout of Stripe.

  • Can I modify my booking?

    You can modify your booking by contacting us
    There is no additional charge for modifying your booking. If you would like to change your departure pick up date or time, changes will be accepted at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled pickup time! Please let us know as soon as possible!

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    To cancel your booking please visit the cancellation form
    If you cancel at least 4 hours before your scheduled transfer, you will receive a full refund with a standard fee of €10.00.
    If you cancel less than 4 hours before your scheduled transfer and you have booked an oneway arrival or departure transfer, you are not entitled to a refund.
    In case you have booked a round-trip transfer and you cancel less than 4 hours before your scheduled arrival, you will receive a refund equal to the value of the departure transfer.
    No extra charges if your flight is canceled and rescheduled for the next day! Please let us know as soon as possible!

  • How do I know my booking is confirmed? Do i receive an email confirmation?

    As soon as you have completed the online payment a confirmation email with your booking information and details will be sent to your email.
    If you do not see the confirmation email please check at your spam / junk email folder.

  • Are prices per taxi?

    All of our prices are per taxi. One taxi can carry up to 4 passengers and a MInivan up to 8 including infants and children.

  • Can i request a baby seat or a child booster?

    We offer baby seats or child boosters at a very low cost. You can request up to 2 child seats per taxi and 4 per Minivan.

  • Will my transfer be private or shared?

    We only offer private transfers and you will be transferred directly to your destination safely without any delay.

  • What pickup time should i specify?

    For an arrival transfer from the airport please provide your arrival time according to your ticket. If you are going to the airport for your departure, it is advised to be there at least 2 hours 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time but have in mind also the duration of the transfer. Please have a look at the approximate transfer time for your location here.

  • How do i meet the driver?

    At the Airport: At the arrivals exit one of our drivers or a representative will be waiting for you holding a sign with the name that provided at the booking application.
    At the Port: The driver will meet you close to your boat holding a sign with your name.
    At your hotel or an address: If the collection point is a hotel, the driver will meet you at the reception or outside the reception of the hotel. If collection point is a private home or apartment, you will have to wait outside of the point specified at the time indicated in the booking confirmation. The driver will wait for 15 minutes after the pickup time. If there is any problem that is delaying you, you must contact us immediately.

  • Is there any waiting extra fee if my arrival flight is delayed?

    There are not extra charges in case your flight arrives with a delay. We monitor all flights and one of our drivers will meet you at the arrivals exit after you collect your luggage.
    In case your flight is delayed and our schedule is very busy , we will contact you after your flight landing to let you know if you need to wait for a while for our driver.
    Please show your voucher you received via email to the driver before your transfer.

  • Is there an extra charge if I am late for any reason to show up at the meeting point at the arrivals exit?

    There are no extra charges if you show up late at the meeting point.
    Important! Our driver will be waiting for you to collect your luggage for 1 hour after your flight lands and will try to contact you if you haven't shown up by then (Average time to reach the arrivals exit 30-40 minutes). In case there is an unexpected problem that will take you longer, please let us know by coming to the arrivlas exit and informing the driver or sending a message via WhatsApp and the driver will wait longer.
    Please show your voucher you received via email to the driver before your transfer.

  • How many passengers and luggage can a taxi or a monivan carry?

    Up to 4 passengers per taxi, 8 passengers per Minivan, infants and children included.

    Maximum number of luggage per taxi / minivan

    • Taxi examples:
    • 6 Cabin Suitcases
    • 3 Medium Suitcases + 1-2 Cabin Suitcases
    • 2 Medium Suitcases + 3-4 Cabin Suitcases
    • 2 Large Suitcases + 1-2 Cabin Suitcases
    • 1 Large Suitcase + 2 Medium Suitcases OR 3-4 Cabin Suitcases
    • 1 X-Large Suitcase + 1-2 Cabin Suitcases
    • Minivan examples:
    • 7-8 Passengers + 7 Large Suitcases + 3-4 Cabin Suitcases
    • 5-6 Passengers + 9 Large Suitcases + 3-4 Cabin Suitcases

    Average suitcase sizes:

    • Small Cabin suitcase: 45cm/18inch * 32cm/13inch * 18cm/7inch
    • Large Cabin Suitcase: 50cm/20inch * 36.5cm/14.4inch * 23.4cm/9.2inch
    • X-large Cabin Suitcase: 56cm/22inch * 38cm/15inch * 24.5cm/9.5inch
    • Medium Suitcase: 60cm/24inch * 43cm/17inch * 26cm/10.5inch
    • Large Suitcase: 69cm/27inch * 47cm/18.5inch * 35.5cm/14inch
    • X-Large Suitcase: 81cm/32inch * 55.8cm/22inch * 35.5cm/14inch

    We usually provide comfortable - sedan taxis for Taxi 1-4 passengers airport transfers. If you have exsessive luggage please order a large luggage capabity service at the extra services field at the booking form and an Station Wagon or Minivan will be provided. Price €15.00 for one way and €30.00 for a round-trip transfer.
    If your luggage don't fit in a taxi and you haven't ordered a large luggage capacity service, you will have to pay the trip for a 2nd taxi as well.

    Baby strollers: Depending on the folded size can be counted as a suitcase.
    Wheelchairs: A foldable wheelchair is considered the same size as an x-large suitcase. In most cases a Larger Luggage Capacity service must be ordered.
    If you have a non-foldable wheelchair please make sure to order a Larger Luggage Capacity service just for this and another taxi for your luggage.
    Sports equipment - Surfboards: Please order this service at the Extra Services area. Order a Taxi 1-4 Passengers and select the service. A Minivan will be provided instead. Up to 4 passengers and 2 surfboards per Minivan.

  • What kind of cars do you have?

    Our fleet consists of:
    Sedans - Limousines and Station Wagons: Mercedes E Class, Mercedes S Class, Skoda Kodiaq, Skoda Octavia Sports Wagon, Skoda Superb, VW Passat.
    Minivans: Mercedes Vito, Opel Vivaro, Peugeot Traveller, Renault Traffic, Toyota Pro Ace

  • What is a VIP Transfer Service?

    We offer VIP transfer service upon request. Whether you are visiting Rhodes for leisure, business or special occasions and you would like a little more comfort and luxury in addition to our high quality unique transfer services, we can provide luxury Mercedes S/E-Class cars with an extra cost.

If you need more information please contact us by:

We accept online payments via stripe secure checkout with cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, link, Klarna and more payment methods.

Stripe secure checkout

We accept online payments via stripe secure checkout with cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, link, Klarna and more payment methods.

Stripe secure checkout
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