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Welcomes you to Rhodes, the rose of Aegean, the island of the knights and the sun!

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All transfers provided are private transfers. VAT and all applicable taxes are included. No hidden costs or extra charges.
Maximum number of passengers per taxi 4, infants and children included.

Maximum number of luggage per taxi

  • Examples:
  • 6-8 Cabin Suitcases
  • 5 Medium Suitcases
  • 4 Medium Suitcases + 2 Cabin Suitcases
  • 3 Medium Suitcases + 3 Cabin Suitcases
  • 2 Medium Suitcases + 4 Cabin Suitcases
  • 1 Medium Suitcase + 5-6 Cabin Suitcases
  • 3 Large Suitcases
  • 2 Large Suitcases + 2 Cabin Suitcases
  • 1 Large Suitcase + 2 Medium Suitcases OR 4 Cabin Suitcases OR 1 Medium Suitcase + 2 Cabin Suitcases
  • 2 X-Large Suitcases
  • 1 X-Large Suitcase + 1 Large Suitcase + 1 Cabin Suitcase OR 1 Medium Suitcase + 2 Cabin Suitcases OR 3 Cabin Suitcases
  • Baby strollers, depending on their size can be counted as a suitcase

Average suitcase sizes:

  • Small Cabin suitcase: 45cm/18inch * 32cm/13inch * 18cm/7inch
  • Large Cabin Suitcase: 50cm/20inch * 36.5cm/14.4inch * 23.4cm/9.2inch
  • X-large Cabin Suitcase: 56cm/22inch * 38cm/15inch * 24.5cm/9.5inch
  • Medium Suitcase: 60cm/24inch * 43cm/17inch * 26cm/10.5inch
  • Large Suitcase: 69cm/27inch * 47cm/18.5inch * 35.5cm/14inch
  • X-Large Suitcase: 81cm/32inch * 55.8cm/22inch * 35.5cm/14inch

If you have exsessive luggage please ask for a station wagon taxi at the special requests field of the booking form.
Wind surfing boards or very large objects will not be accepted.
If 1 vehicle has been booked for more than 4 passengers or if your luggage don't fit in a taxi and you haven't asked for a station wagon, you will have to pay the trip for a 2nd taxi.
We reserve the right to cancel a booking if you have selected a destination with a price that does not match your actual destination location.
There are not extra charges for flight delays. We monitor all flights and one of our drivers will meet you at the arrivals exit after you collect your luggage. If our schedule is very busy and your flight is delayed, we will contact you after your flight landing to let you know in case you need to wait a while for the driver.
Please show your voucher you received via email to the driver before your transfer.


Online Payments: If you cancel up to 24 hours before your scheduled transfer, you are entitled to a full refund. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled transfer, you are entitled to a refund of 50%. If you cancel less than 4 hours before your scheduled transfer, you are not entitled for refund.
Cash Payments: Please let us know if you want to cancel your booking at least 4 hours before your scheduled transfer. If not, you will have to pay the amount of the transfer in full.

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We are offering our services to many visitors in Rhodes for many years, always trying to provide quality and accurate services. Our plan for the future is to continue providing our passengers with the same highest level of experience! We thank you for your trust!

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